Zym-TecTM transforms local soil to all weather road bases raw material. This yields a significant savings in cost, time, and materials, while reducing carbon footprint in road construction. A road refurbishing solution based on the Zym-TecTM technology is also available, with significant time and cost advantages for road rehabilitation projects.
  Low Cost Housing
Zym-TecTM transforms local soil into building product raw material which leads to tremendous savings in cement & transportation costs, supports local unskilled manpower, and makes building sites self-sufficient.
  Infrastructure / Cement Products
Adding Zym-TecTM into the concrete mixture improves the strength, with a significant reduction in cement content. A wide variety of building products can be manufactured. All products meet industry specifications.
  Concrete Industry
Adding Zym-TecTM into the concrete mixture, enables significant reduction in cement content while retaining the performance characteristics. This leads to Ecological Construction and carbon footprint reduction coupled with significant cost savings.
The Zym-TecTM solution enables recycling of waste materials – fly ash, quarry waste products, mine wastes, building waste materials – by combining them into the road infrastructure and building product solutions. This reduces cost, while contributing significantly to the environment, providing a productive solution for many waste sites.