Zym-TecTM it is a highly concentrated Liquid Soil Stabilizer solution based on a bio enzymatic soil stabilizer Zym-TecTM is a natural, non-toxic liquid.

The Zym-TecTM is used with any existing on-site local soil that requires stabilization.

Zym-TecTM is:

  • Ecological and environmental friendly.
  • Utilizes on-site local soils as raw material
  • Lowers costs
  • Reduces construction time
  • Utilizes local unskilled manpower
  • Enables recycling and utilization of a wide variety of waste materials within infrastructure and construction projects
  • Reduces carbon footprint of road works scientifically.
  • Recycles and preserves fossil resources

Features of Zym-TecTM

  • Organic Catalysts
  • Liquid Proteins
  • Bio-emulsifiers
  • Water Soluble
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Completely Biodegradable
  • Independent of Bacteria or Fungi
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Flammable
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Safe for Discharge in Soil, Water, Storm Sewers and Waste Systems

The Unique features of Zym-TecTM

  • The soils treated with Zym-TecTM renders improved density values by reducing the void ratios to a large extent, which results in an overall improvement in the California Bearing Ratio about 800-1000 % and above, depending on the soil type.
  • It facilitates higher soil compaction densities, and increases soil strength and stability for lasting roads.
  • Zym-TecTM replaces Soling and WBM of conventional road structure.
  • Zym-TecTM also reduces the crust thickness of asphalt layers.
  • Zym-TecTM also proves to increase the road quality and decreases the maintenance cost.


As Zym-TecTM is treats the clay within the soil at a particle level, a very small quantity per m² is required. With Zym-TecTM there is far greater use of the on site materials and the costly exercise of transporting borrow pit materials is largely eliminated. As the cost of Zym-TecTM is far lower, it allows many more kilometers of road to be built with the same budget or, alternatively, as far less is spent on the layer works of the road to be built with the same budget, more money can be utilized for a seal or accompanying works (drainage mechanisms, curbs, etc).

Where suitable gravels exist, the treatment of these materials with Zym-TecTM minimizes deterioration should penetration of water beneath the seal occur maintenance and repair work is restricted to that of the seal.

Unlike conventional stabilizers, there is no working period or time limit when stabilizing a layer with Zym-TecTM. This adds a further potential cost saving to users during the rainy season or in the event of machinery downtime.

Since Zym-TecTM Non-toxic, non-flammable and Environmentally Friendly

  • No special handling, storage, or application requirements
  • Save direct fill mix / material costs by treating the available soil in-site thus reducing the need for importing mixtures to overcome high clay content.
  • Less mobilization of filling thus shorter time to delivery by 30 – 50%
  • Reduce overall cost by 40-60%
  • Roads built by certified construction companies carry a 3-5 YEAR free maintenance warranty depends on road type. Saving huge amounts of natural resources while being environmentally friendly

Working Mechanism of Zym-TecTM:

For many years, road engineers have used additives such as lime, cement and other additives to improve the qualities of readily available local soils. However, the cost of introducing these additives has also increased in recent years. Zym-TecTM soil stabilizers play an important role here and can significantly enhance the properties of the soil specially with clay soil used in the construction of road infrastructure. Results include a better and longer lasting road with increased loading capacity (CBR) and reduced soil permeability. Stabilization with the Zym-TecTM enzyme can lower a road's construction and maintenance costs while increasing the overall quality of its structure and surface.

Enzymes act as catalysts for virtually every chemical reaction that occurs in plant and animal life. Enzymes are naturally occurring protein molecules. Each enzyme is specifically tailored to promote a chemical reaction within or between other molecules. The enzymes themselves are unchanged by these reactions; rather, they serve as a "host" or "matchmaker" for the other molecules, greatly accelerating the rate of normal chemical and physical reactions. The specific nature of enzymatic actions can be likened to a "lock and key." If the target molecule or molecules do not have the right properties, the enzyme will not serve as a "host" for promoting the desired chemical reaction. This is why Zym-TecTM is unique and out-performs all other road treatment materials.

Zym–TecTM is formulated with an enzyme-rich material, which was the product of a natural fermentation process using cane sugars and other proprietary organic compounds and vegetable extracts. The enzymes have been tailored to provide the "lock" for numerous soil materials and promote the desired alteration of their properties, causing a rapid cementation process to occur.

Zym-TecTM is also blended with a biodegradable surfactant that reduces the surface tension, bringing the enzymes in closer contact with the soil materials, further promoting enzymatic reactions. The chemical catalytic reaction accelerates the breaking down of the organic material and changes the chemical composition of the soil at a molecular level followed by an alteration in the engineering properties of the soil. This speeds up the cationic bonds of cohesive soil particles resulting in a semi rigid monolithic configuration. These properties further facilitate the reduction in the crust thickness of the flexible pavement structure. The reduction in the dust levels on the surface of Zym-TecTM roads is yet another idiosyncratic feature of this state-of-the-art technology.

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