“Innovation Technology Enzyme Company of India Private Limited” (I-Tec-IndiaTM) is an Indian company conducting ecological infrastructure projects and enabling building materials production based on ZymTecTM soil stabilization technology, provided by i-Tec-W. I-Tec-IndiaTM is an associated enterprise of the Israeli company I-Tec-W Ltd, a global company that operates in the fields of soil stabilization, ecological road infrastructure, and manufacturing of ecological building materials.
In addition the technology is applied in the concrete industry as a cement substitute, facilitating a saving of up to 60% of the cement content in the concrete mix.

I-Tec-W Ltd holds a patent in 96 countries worldwide for soil stabilization in its fields of activity - road infrastructure, housing and concrete production. The ZymTecTM product is an ecologically and environmentally friendly product (a green product). It is non-toxic, with no adverse influence on human beings, animals or vegetation. The material is safe and does not pollute underground water.

The ZymTecTM technology has been recognized worldwide, obtaining European Union certification for its application in road infrastructure projects within the EU.

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