Ecological Bricks


i-Tec-India provides a variety of solutions based on its Zym-TecTM soil stabilization technology. One of the solutions that i-Tec-India provides is ecological low cost housing, based on building materials manufactured from local soils.

Production Schemes

  • An industrial-grade brick manufacturing plant, producing ecological bricks and other building materials, based on local soils as the primary raw materials With simple mould changes, a wide variety of the building materials required for housing can be produced.
  • For remote and less accessible construction sites, where logistics is complex and costly, a self-sufficient building site is created. The construction is based on mixing the in-situ soil with the Zym-TecTM formula, and production of bricks and other building materials on-site with a brick manufacturing machine that is towed to the location by any pick-up truck. The Zym-TecTM technology offers tremendous cost advantages over the older brick and mortar technology . I-Tec-W provides the mobile brick manufacturing machines to facilitate this process.

Main Advantages

  • The main advantage of this technology is using in-situ soil as the primary raw material in the production of bricks and other building materials. This method is more cost effective, faster, self sufficient on-site, and provides pride of ownership for home-owners building their own houses.
  • Bricks are made from the local soil, so only the Zym-TecTM solution needs to be transported. The bricks are ready for building with/without mortal after 3 days of curing
  • The use of Zym-TecTM bricks and building of walls without mortar saves on cost and reduces the building time
  • The thermal efficiency of i-tec-India bricks reduces the outside temperatures from 350C to a mild 200C inside the structure. The “High Thermal Capacity” of the bricks, absorbs the high outside temperature, leaving the inside of the structure cool and comfortable without the need for air-conditioning

Stages of work


Cost Saving

    Bricks are cheaper to produce:
  • Local soil constitutes the bulk of raw material use
  • Transport cost are minimized, production on-site
  • Local labor is used

    The cost of labor is reduced:
  • Bricks are interlocking largely dry-stacked (with no mortar)
  • Little skilled construction labor is required
  • Construction is faster

Brick Specification

  • Curing time
        The compressed brick may be used to construct a wall right out of the machine (3 days of curing recommended)
  • Load bearing capacity of a brick
        Brick strength is determined by the soil type used and the extent of curing after manufacture. Zym-TecTM bricks attain 8 MPa or higher modulus of rupture.
  • Thermal quality
        Up to 3 times higher than conventional products. Withstands temperatures of 1200 0C
  • Permeability rating of a finished brick
        Bricks do not absorb or allow moisture to penetrate any more that 2.5 % of the brick’s dry weight.
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