The Zym-TecTM Products consist of highly concentrated liquid, diluted iin water for application.

Enables utilization of local soil as the primary road-base raw material, thus saving cost, time, and materials. The cementation process of the Product with soil in a 20 cm layer is sufficient to sustain traffic up to 70 tons. The Product acts upon organic fines contained in the soil through a catalytic bonding process, which causes the soil to bond during compaction into a dense permanent base which resists water penetration, weathering and wear.

The Product enables utilization of local soil as the primary brick production raw material. It is an ecologically and environment friendly product. Two application schemes are available:

a) Production grade brick manufacturing plant, making ecological bricks based on local soils, recycled and waste materials an attainable reality. With simple mould changes, a wide variety of the building materials required for housing can be produced.
b) Remote site application - The application is based on mobile machines manufactured by i-Tec-W, towed to the construction site. At the site, the in-situ soil is mixed with the ZymTecTM -2 product and water, yielding bricks on-site. This effectively makes the construction site self-supportive, and enables local labor to be utilized, adding to pride of ownership of the home owners.

Zym-TecTM Solutions for the production of infrastructure products, as a Cement Industry Green Alternative

a) Curbstones & Pavement stones
b) Decorative Stones
c) Roof Tiles
d) Pipes

A solution for the reduction of the cement content in concrete. ZymTecTM -4 is under development and is expected in the market at the beginning of 2012

Tec Pavement: Tec-Pavement is a spray-on asphalt Alternative. Tec-Pavement bonds to ZymTecTM -1 treated dirt roads, making them completely water resistant. Tec-Pavement suppresses all dust from the road and endows dirt roads with asphalt-like road handling behavior

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